And there was H-Bomb with my G-2 Complex people

To resurrect this blog! I have found myself going back in time. The moments doing my first mix tape. Yesterday I shared about RHODA State. Hope you enjoyed it.

Today I thought I should remind you of H-Bomb. It appeared on my mix-tape TSN.

Few got to know what H-Bomb meant. Well simply the H in the title is Hip Hop. So we were vibing on the notion; we are hip hop bombs.  On the song my brothers from G-2Complex (Mento-X, Anonymous & Gold Dust) come through and we did it.

We also meant its our time to burst (lyrically) like the Hydrogen Bomb. So the damage was to erase very bad songs and you vibe to ours.

In case you never heard it here is H-Bomb.

I think I should share another The Sun Set n’Counter vibe tomorrow!


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