This Is Not A Rape [ Poem Excerpt]

I performed This Is Not A rape  on Heroes Day and I am still shaping it into the final piece that I will script for a short film. Here is just an excerpt of the first section I recited.

Kelele At Makerere was Lit!


This is not a rape!
Then What is it?
Follow closely and lets get what it is and what it ain’t!

This is not a rape!
All I want is taste her grape
Run my hands through those lady lumps
And every inch I taste like sugar lumps
This is not a rape!
Why do you bother,
Why do you fret, I am the man on top,
You, a Drake, Starting from the bottom,
Just to stay down with my body ego;
Grip those butt chicks like claws of an eagle.
Its simple, I start with the top, brassiere
And there I go, on them blue jeans just to confirm your genes
No gins in my system, I let my Willie do its will,
Stiff with no conscience, just full filling science.
I am that patient and kin…



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